Cash Gifting Allows Zoe To Make Huge Bank Deposits, Four Days In A Row!

$6,000 checking account deposits … again and again and again and again!

So when’s the last time you had an extra $24,000 laying around in your checking account AFTER you paid the mortgage? I’m guessing never. Well check out Zoe’s bank account. She seems to be recovering from the turmoil in the economy, pretty well.

Zoe in her own words:

Hi Q. Here is the screenshot you asked for. I hope you can see everything ok. As you can see I had a pretty nice 4-day run. $24,000 in a week! Actually I had a $30,000 week because I had another $6,000 enrollment come in today (Saturday). 

My husband is losing his mind because he never wanted me to do this, but needless to say he’s on board now for sure. Thank you for all that you do. For someone like me, I’ve never EVER been liquid like this before.

I’ve always had MAYBE a couple hundred dollars in my checking account after the bills, but as you can see in my bank statement, after I paid my mortgage ($3,121.00 debit), I still have over $24,000 left. It feels really good not to have to depend on credit cards to get you through the rest of the month. Yay! 

— Zoe Peterson

(End testimony)

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