$12,000 in 2 Days From Cash Gifting Saves Brian And His Pregnant Wife From Townhouse Eviction.

$12,000 Delivered Overnight

Brian’s Eviction Letter

A $12,000 lump sum delivered in just 2 days!

I can totally relate to this particular situation. I was evicted from (2) apartments and at one of those times, my wife was pregnant as well. Needless to say that it was an extremely embarrassing situation. I can’t even tell you how low I felt. We ended up sleeping on my mother-in-law’s living room floor with blankets and a pillow. Again … I can’t even explain the embarrassment. I felt like such a loser. For any man who truly values the ability to be able to take care of his family, you know that a situation like this is a real gut check!

Having to move in with other family members is a stressful situation. Especially if the home is already small. And although I didn’t have anything to save me from eviction at that particular time … Brian did! He had me, my system and the people who participate in it, who helped him to receive $12,000 in 2 days and it changed his life!

— Q

Brian in his own words:

Hey Q … Words can’t describe how HAPPY & EXCITED my Wife and I are. $12,000 in 2 days is AWESOME and it could not of come at a better time. I didn’t tell anybody about my situation because I didn’t want anybody to feel sorry for us, but the honest truth is that $12,000 saved us! We were 2 months behind on the rent and our leasing office was threatening us with eviction! (See attached photo of the notice from our leasing office. I blocked out address and identifying information. Let me know if you need a better photo.)

We owed December’s rent, January’s rent, and February’s rent was due on February 3rd, and I honestly had no way of paying that either! We only had enough money for food and some necessities. The noticed stated the following …

“You are hereby notified that you are indebted to us in the sum of $1,750 for the use of premises described above and now occupied by you. We demand payment of the rent or possession of the premises within 3 days from the date of this notice”

I talked to them, and they gave me a one week extension to try and work it out. We only had until Friday February 4th, and then they would have started the eviction process. The $1,750 would have tripled because I had no way of paying January’s rent, and it was only a matter of time before the February rent was late.

The $6,000 I received via overnight courier on February 1st and the $6,000 on February 3rd helped me catch up on December’s rent, January’s rent, and it also allowed me to pay February’s rent on time! 🙂

The $12,000 I received helped SAVE MY HOME, catch up on some past due bills, and left me with a nice little cushion so I CAN BREATHE. We are so excited about what the future is going to bring, and we are looking forward to more tracking numbers! Our life is back on track and we are on our way to the top!

Thanks for all the you do Q 🙂

— Brian Troiano

Disclaimer: There’s only $6,000 in the above pic, because I had to use the other $6,000 to pay my rent. But I did include the second box, that the other $6-Grand was delivered in.

(End testimony)

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