Eugene Rips Open A Box With $18,000 Stuffed Inside From Cash Gifting!

$18,000 Cash. In One Day. From One Mailing. And From One Enrollment … 


Pretty simple. Eugene participated in my special Ad Synergy Campaign, which uses my Power Flyer to mail to a high-end list of leads that are already confirmed to have at least $10,000+ cash-in-hand and are looking for what we have.

One mailing for him produced an $18,000 payday AND HE STILL HAS LOADS OF PEOPLE IN THE PIPELINE! All from one mailing and it was hands-off, because the source we use does the mailings for us! 

– Q

Eugene in his own words:

HOT DAMN! Thanks for the tracking number Q! The box arrived today and as you can see from my picture, I anxiously ripped it open and found $18,000 inside. I just sent that picture to all my friends as holiday cards with a BIG FAT “I TOLD YOU SO” and now they’re like WTF!!!!! LOL

Keep those packages flowing bud. Thanks a million! I’m on fire right now !!!!!!!!!!!

— Eugene Morris

(End testimony)

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