Cash Gifting Helps Samantha Pay Off A $30,000 Credit Card Bill in Only 5 Days!

It only took five $6,000 Green enrollments and then almost 3 years of debt and high interest payments were gone in 5 days! — Now tell me that’s not POWER!

I’ve been saying this for the longest time now … it literally only takes a handful of enrollments for something AMAZING to happen here. See proof above. Samantha just paid off a $30,000 credit card balance with 5 Green enrollments she received, and they all came back-to-back, one day after the other, at $6,000 a piece, like clockwork!

– Q

Samantha in her own words:

Q, I am literally sitting here crying right now as I write this to you. I am soooo so thankful for you and this program. I can’t stop smiling, crying and shaking from excitement. I’m just so emotional right now. I’ve been carrying around this huge debt for almost 3 years and my payments on this card were over $700 a month, of which basically $400 was interest alone. To erase this debt in only 5 days has been a completely overwhelming experience, but at the same time has brought such a calm to my life that I haven’t had for a long time now.

When you called me five days in a row with tracking numbers, my heart was just racing and I’m still overcome with gratitude. I have never and I mean never ever been involved with anything that has come close to performing the way your program does. $30,000 in a week’s time for someone like me is a feeling that I can’t even describe to you. As I opened up each box and took out $6,000 in cash, I just sat and prayed and thanked God that I finally found something that was real. I can finally be debt-free and begin fulfilling my dreams!

I used my 5 Green enrollments to pay off this credit card and I actually overpaid by $16.94. The bummer was that I paid off the account at the last minute, just before my statement closed. So they still hit me with a left over interest payment of $305.27, but that’s ok. I’m on my way to the bank to pay that right now!

Thank you for being you and all that you do for us. You are an amazing person! God bless.

— Samantha Vinicombe

(End testimony)

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