Cash Gifting Program Sends Almost $40,000 To A School Teacher!





School teacher deposits almost $40,000 in cash!

When was the last time you looked at your bank account and saw a $40,000 positive balance AFTER all the bills were paid?

I’m guessing never!

Well take a look above at Sarah’s bank receipts and you’ll be able to see what it looks like.

Imagine walking into the bank and being able to make multiple deposits of no less than $6,000 each.

( Go head … think about it … )




Think about how people at the bank would treat you when they see that you have large amounts of cash, just sitting in your checking account.

I tell people all the time that they’ll notice a difference as soon as this starts to happen for them.

You automatically become a “SOMEBODY”.

They treat you as a “special customer”.

The bank manager will recognize you.

In other words …

They start to kiss your ass a little bit!

Always remember this:

Banks are nice to large accounts … NOT YOU!

They don’t need you.

They need your money.

And the more zeros, the better.

It’s all a game.

Learn how to play it.

But first you need capital!

Sarah in her own words:

Good morning Q! I just wanted to say thanks for all the tracking numbers lately and I’ve attached pictures of my bank receipts to show you that I’m diligently saving to realize my dreams and goals.

There’s so much that I want to do and I’m taking myself seriously like you said and I’m making a list now.

It feels really good to have a growing bank account finally. I’ve never in my life made bank deposits like this before or even had anything close to $40,000 just sitting in my checking account. Your newsletters are right on the money when you said that the people at the bank treat you differently when you conduct large transactions.

It seems that I’ve been getting the red carpet treatment lately. I think when the bank teller’s look at my checking account balance, they think that I’m important. Thank you for making me a “somebody”. God bless. You are a life saver!

— Sarah Hayward

(End testimony)

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