22-Year-Old Kid From Virginia Receives $18,000 From Cash Gifting Program!

Think back to when you were 22-years-old …

Did you ever have $18,000 cash show up at your doorstep by overnight delivery?

I doubt it!

Take a look at the picture above.

It was taken from Jamie’s cell phone.

An ambitious 22-year-old on my team who received his first Black Level enrollment!

After receiving almost $20,000 in a single day, he decided to splurge a little bit and buy some new toys.

A brand new $2,400 Apple lap top and a  collector’s edition fight stick for his X-BOX 360.

He said he’s gonna buy a safe and save the rest, so he can buy a new car later on.

He wants a Nissan 370 Z Coupe.


At this rate, he doesn’t have long to go before it shows up in his driveway.

Think about it …

He just got $18,000 in cash from one enrollment — IN ONE DAY! 

How fast could you make a brand new $30,000 car show up with days like that?

Jamie in his own words:

Hey Q I got your voice mail and I’m just confirming that I got the package and all $18,000 was accounted for. I ripped open the box and poured the cash out on my bed. I literally sat there and stared at it for like 20 minutes or so (LOL). It’s kind of overwhelming when you actually see this thing work. I’m so fired up that I can’t even sit down right now. I’m serious man! I can’t think about anything else!

I told you that I wanted to buy a new Nissan 370 and now that dream is no longer a dream anymore, because I am so close to walking in that dealership, just like you said and paying in full. I can’t wait! I only need another $12,000 to maybe $15,000 and I’ll be driving that baby out of the showroom! I can pull in that additional cash I need with only 2 Green enrollments or another Black enrollment and then I’m set! You should be calling me with more tracking numbers, because I’ll be sending out more postcards next week!

I took my last two Red enrollments and bought me a new lap top and a collector’s edition fight stick for my X-BOX. I attached a picture from my cell phone so you can use my testimony if you want. I don’t know if you’re into online gaming but I’m a real “game head” and I’ve been wanting that control stick for a while and my other computer was busted. Now I have a shiny new mac and it’s awesome! It felt good to splurge a little on myself but now I’m going to buy a safe and save the rest for my car.

Hope this wasn’t too long. Thanks Q!  YOU-ARE-THE-MAN!

— Jamie Hunter 

(End testimony)

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