Martin Has A $18,000 Day From Cash Gifting And Shockingly Reveals His Virginity!

I don’t normally “out” people in situations like this and I never thought I’d be discussing another man’s virginity here, but …

He told me and this is how it all went down …

( too funny )

So I called one of my team members (Martin), to let him know that he had some cash on the way.

He answered and saw it was me and thought maybe I was calling to give him an update about a previous e-mail he sent.

Actually I was, but I had other news too.

So after I finished answering his question, I said “Oh yeah, by the way, I got a tracking number for you”.

So he tries to act all cool about it.

You know …

Like it’s no big deal.

I guess it’s because he’s received some gifts already.

Anyway …

So I’m paying attention to his reaction and on purpose I never tell him how much it actually is.

( it was $18,000 )

But all I said was …

“Oh yeah, by the way, I got a tracking number for you – Take this down” …

So I gave him the tracking number and got off the phone pretty quick.

I didn’t want him to ask me anything about the package.


I didn’t tell him how much it was on purpose.

It was actually 3 packages, totaling $18k.

And of course it gets delivered to him today and he totally freaks out!

( his testimonial is below )

So now I’m really laughing, because I’m like, this guy was trying to play it so cool, as if it wasn’t a big deal, but …

He couldn’t fool me.

I knew he was a VIRGIN!

You know …

It being his first time and all – ( wink, wink ) 

He’s never made this kinda money before.

And although he’s received some cash gifts already, he’s never had an $18,000 windfall IN ONE DAY before!

So yeah …

Cut him some slack.

He’s a virgin. ( LOL )

I’m still teasing him.

It’s gonna be a while before I let it go.

It’s bad, I know.

I can’t help it.

– Q

Martin in his own words:

Q I’ve been trying to calm down for the last hour and a half! I left you a couple of voicemails, but didn’t get a call back yet. I’m so nervous and excited right now, I don’t even know where to began. How did this happen? Is this correct? I thought I was only supposed to be getting one gift today and I thought it was only at the red level for $2,000?

I’m still sitting here looking at this money in utter amazement. This is about six months salary that I just received in a day’s time! I have all the cash spread out on my bed, and my 7-year old daughter walks in and says “Daddy where did you get all that money?” I’ve been literally pacing back and forth in my bedroom, screaming “I can’t believe this” like a million times! 

At first I was out and my wife called my cell sounding frantic. She’s telling me that I had boxes delivered today with all this money inside and she wants to know what’s going on. Remember I told you that I wasn’t telling her that I was doing this. She is literally going crazy!

I didn’t tell her about it because I’ve failed in so many other work-at-home ventures that she had had enough, but today completely blew her skirt up! Now I have proof and I can’t shut up about it. I’ve been calling everybody I know and rubbing it in their faces. It’s just like you said in one of your newsletters Q, they laugh at you until they see a payday like this and then it shuts them up good!

I can’t thank you enough Q, really. I’m going out tonight to celebrate. I feel like a ton of stress has just been removed from my shoulders and I can finally see some light. Thanks man! I’ll send you a testimonial photo in a little bit. I’m waiting for my Nikon to charge. 

— Martin Dunlop

(End testimony)

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