Janet Receives $48,000 Over 4 Days From Cash Gifting!

When You’re Having Back-To-Back Days That Look Like This, And You’ve Only Been At It For A Few Months …

A little voice throws out a question, which starts to roll around in your head …

Can You Really Get Rich Quick?

“The TRUTH about Get-Rich-Quick!”
1 (618) 355-1913 Option # 38 (Recorded Msg.)

Testimonial email from Janet H.

Well well well Mr. Q, I have to say that I’m getting very fond of hearing your voice with these lovely tracking numbers 🙂 Today I received my 7th and 8th box with $12,000 and that makes 4 days in a row! That’s $48,000 in 4 days and I’m still tickled and amazed at all this, especially since I’ve only been in a few months now.

If this keeps up the pace, I’ll be hitting a six-figure month and I’m telling you if that happens, I’m probably going to quit my job. Let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we 🙂

So again I can’t thank you enough and I’d love for you to give me a call again tomorrow. Bye for now.

— Janet H.

(End testimony)

From The Cash Gifting Expert …

Tired of the “Rat Race”?

Does that jerk of a boss still piss you off, to no end?

Still killing yourself working 40 to 70+ hours a week and still can’t make ends meet?

Are you in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50+ years-old and don’t even have (6) months of living expenses saved, just in case you get fired?

Are you older than 55 or 60 and still have to work?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you’d better find something that’s gonna SAVE YOUR ASS — AND FAST!

You don’t have a choice but to GET RICH QUICK!

It can be done, but it’s gonna take something really outrageous and some guts on your part.

At this point, I don’t see how you could say no, because most of you are wasting your time.

“The TRUTH about Get-Rich-Quick!”
1 (618) 355-1913 Option # 38 (Recorded Msg.)

OK, so Janet pulled in almost $50k over 4 days.

That probably seems like a lot of money to you, but if you’ve been watching me for awhile, then you know that’s small change …

At least to me.

I’ve done more than that IN ONE DAY! 

You saw my video.

Even still, that’s nothin …

My best week was over $500k!

Now …

I know you’re probably looking at this and saying to yourself …

“If I could just have a small portion of that every month, it would solve all my money problems”. 

Well … you could, but here’s the thing …

Most of you are wasting your time with these cheap and/or complicated programs that just suck money out of your wallet.

Answer this …

Are you still trying to sell get-rich-quick products on Clickbank?

— BOOOoooring!

You look like everybody else and nobody wants another e-book or videos — they want CASH!

Are you still trying to become some big-shot guru and sell $2,000 training courses with a hundred videos?

— BOOOoooring!

Yeah, that’s what people want.

Another guru with another 100 videos and 50 bonus reports and 30 upsells to slam their credit card with on a monthly basis.

Of course they want that.

And of course they want another guru to slam their inbox everyday with a hundred different offers for $47, that lead to $197, that lead to $497, that lead to $1,997 … well … you get the point.

Are you still trying to build a huge downline in an MLM and make a percentage, of a percentage, of a percentage, off of 10,000 people?


Good luck with getting your credit card slammed every month for product you don’t even use, just so your  sponsor can get a commission check.

Then you can warehouse the latest box of diet cookies in the garage with all the other junk.

Good luck chasing people trying to build a 10,000 person downline, by getting two who get two and then you get laughed at by your friends when they see a commission check for like $29 bucks.

Are you still trying to become the next super blogger with tons of traffic, so people can pay you $50,000 a month to  advertise on your site?


I mean, come on …

Yeah, you could do it, but you don’t even have the kinda time it takes to make a name for yourself, build a following, learn and perfect your marketing skills for attracting eyeballs to your site.

You’re telling me you can wait another 5 to 10 years to do it?

Oh yeah, it can happen sooner, but you’d have to quit your job today and then go full-time, busting your ass (16) hours a day to build it up.

Can you do that?

I doubt it!

But hey maybe you can become the next mail-order king and send out 1,000 flyers selling $5 reports and stamp programs.

You’ll make $50,000 in 90 days!




You need to get serious about this.

You need money now!

And that’s what everybody else just like you wants …


“The TRUTH about Get-Rich-Quick!”
1 (618) 355-1913 Option # 38 (Recorded Msg.)

Look …

The only way you’re gonna be able to see some big money, really fast, is by playing big!

Not wasting your time with these cheap “me too” systems that scream welfare.

Now I know you need something fast and I know you want a guarantee, but the bottom line is that I can’t guarantee you a damn thing! 

That’s the raw truth of it. 

And all these other internet hustlers who promise you the world and everything but the moon and the stars, to get in your wallet, can‘t HONESTLY guarantee you anything either.

If they could, you’d already be rich and you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this right now, but this is what I know for sure…

I’ve got the best damn cash gifting system on the planet and if you see cash gifting as your way out … just like I did back in 1998 …

Then I think you already know you’d better be partnering with me!

This is my 20th year and honestly I think that says it all, but if you’re still not convinced. 

If you’re still shy in making a move. 

If you’re still skeptical. 

If you’re still waiting on the lottery. 

If you still think your job is gonna take care of you. 

If you’re still waiting on your income tax. 

If you’re still waiting for the next ball to drop in 2023, when no doubt you’ll break all your New Year’s Resolutions, again ….


Tell me how that works out for you. 

Shoot me an e-mail in (6) months and tell me what happened.

I’m waiting too! 

PS: Janet is on her way to a six-figure month because she got tired of wasting her time.

Where would like to be 90 days from now?

— Q, The Cash Gifting Expert

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