Rick Receives $12,000 In One Day After Picking Up A Brand New Car, Just A Few Weeks Earlier!

Rick’s Testimonial:

HEY HEY HEY my man! Just left my mailbox and would ya look at what we have here – my first $12,000 day! I couldn’t even wait till I got home Q. I ripped open the box right inside my car. An awesome way to start the morning, I’m sure you’ll agree. So far I’m on my 4th week of mailing your 12 Letter Cash Machine and already had a $12k day, so I’m right on track with my goals for this program. 

BTW – I didn’t tell you this when I joined up, but I financed a brand new Buick LaCrosse with a nice down payment a couple weeks before I actually got in, so I was going to wait a bit, but then I said ahhh the hell with it! I bit the bullet and made it happen. I figured I should have a gift before my first car payment and here I end up with a $12,000 day. The universe is listening brother! Thanks again!

— Rick L. 

(End testimony)

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