Jacob Isn’t Playing Fair And Has No Shame. He’s Being A Total COPYCAT. He copied me and pulled in $36,000 IN ONE DAY From Cash Gifting!

Jacob’s Testimonial:

Q, I’m right behind ya man! You had a $36,000 day last week, but now it’s my turn! And I’m not shy, I’ll admit it. I’M BEING A COPYCAT ( ha ha ). I copied the campaign you laid out in the Welcome Pak and received two Black Level enrollments, totaling $36,000 in cash! Then I copied Sergio too! After I read his testimony about your book recommendations, I had no shame. I copied him and ran out to get that book POWER you were talking about. Now I truly have Money and Power! ( ha ha ) And I thought it was interesting that the book is 452 pages thick, but if you look at my pictures, it doesn’t even stack up to my wad of 360 Benjamins when I put them side by side. I guess MONEY WON. Keep sending those tracking numbers Q. I’ll be closing out this month with six-figures! Thanks for all the help.

— Jacob H.

(End testimony)

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