If You’re Still Not In A Cash Gifting Program, You’re Really Missing The Boat – BIGTIME!

No Debate:

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world.

The UNREASONABLE one relentlessly persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

And therefore all progress depends on those unreasonable men who are never satisfied with the status quo.

When I set out to create the largest, most extraordinary Cash Gifting System that the world had ever seen, I got a lot of sideways looks.

People told me I was nuts.

They said … “There’s no way that’s gonna work!”

“It’s just too risky”.

“It’s strange”.

“You’re being unreasonable – just get a job!”

And so forth and so on, but …

That was 20 years ago and I’m still doing it successfully!

And this is what you’re always gonna run up against when you share your dreams and ambitions with people who don’t have any vision.

They don’t have the ability to SEE future possibilities.

If it doesn’t immediately paint a picture of being SAFE, then it doesn’t make sense to them, because that’s all they know — A GUARANTEED PAYCHECK THAT’S SIGNED BY MY BOSS = SAFE!

So I set off on my own, like a maniac, to build this thing.

I stopped thinking “safe” and I got very unreasonable.

When I started, there were other people who had levels that began at like $100, up to maybe $500.

I started with (4) levels right out the gate:

  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $5,000
  • $12,500

And then as you went up, the levels were combined.


They had never seen that before in a Cash Gifting Program.

Then the next thing I did was tell people that all gifts would be in CASH ONLY, because everybody else was using money orders.

( remember this was 1998 )

Then people really called me crazy!

They said “C’mon, you’re nuts! – Somebody may steal the money!”

They said …

“Do you really think you’re gonna pull this off?”


They said …

“Do you really expect people to put $500 – $1,000 CASH in an envelope and ship it out to someone?


They said …

“Do you really expect people to put $5,000 to almost $20,000 in a box and ship it out to a complete stranger?”


They said …

“Get this guy a straight jacket – He’s off his rocker!”

So while everybody else was looking for ways it wouldn’t work, I FOCUSED ON WAYS TO PERFECT MY IDEA, SO IT WOULDN’T FAIL!

And back in 1998 … within the first 4 months …

We already had people sticking up to $19,000 CASH inside of a box and shipping it out to complete strangers!

Back in 1999, I was the first one who started posting “cash paydays” on a website and I showed boxes that came with $17,500 in each of them!


And now I show boxes that are filled with 2-3 times that amount.

Cash Gifting Programs Take Balls (Of Steel)!

I’m not going to lie to you.

It takes guts to do what I do.

It’s NOT for everybody.

It’s very UNREASONABLE to do, but oh buddy does it work and does it work BIG-TIME!

Something that’s even more unreasonable is that since 1998, the prices for my Cash Gifting Program have increased and my system stays # 1 with people putting out almost $20,000 to join at the highest level!

We got rid of the $500 and $1,000 levels a long time ago and while everyone is trying to find ways to go cheap, we CONTINUE TO BE UNREASONABLE, EVEN IN THE FACE OF RECESSION AND WE’RE NOT CUTTING ENTRY FEES!

Our members receive an unreasonable amount of money because we don’t compromise and we don’t play games here.

My Cash Gifting Program is NOT for everybody and if you’re not willing to be unreasonable, then staying at your 1st job, 2nd job and 3rd job is probably where you should stay.

They will pay you reasonably and you’ll be safe until they decide that they don’t need you anymore or until the cost of living goes up again, BUT YOUR PAY DOES NOT!

True Story

I received $96,000 cash in one day.

It came inside of (8) overnight courier boxes!

Each box had $12,000 cash inside.

To think that (8) people would actually stick $12-Grand in a box and ship it out to someone is pretty unreasonable!

But anyway …

I was out to lunch when the delivery guy came, so he left a note to pick up the packages at the delivery station.

The station was near a lot of business areas and shopping and of all days, a freakin parade was going on!

I went to pick up the packages and had to stick 4 under each arm and walk back to my car, which because of the freakin parade was parked very far away!

I’m walking through huge crowds of people with almost $100,000 CASH under my arms and nobody around me even has a clue!

I had the biggest smile on my face, because I’m thinking to myself …

“How cool of an enterprise is this?”

It’s like a secret society of people exchanging money.

To me …

It’s the coolest thing to be doing and that’s why I’m still here after 20 years!

If you consider yourself to be a maniac like me, and you’d like to be a part of this secret society and walk around in public with boxes full of cash and a huge smile on your face, then grab your dough and join my Cash Gifting Program now!

The price of admission is not just money.

It’s guts, vision and the balls to be different.

Do you have them?

YES or NO?

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