How To Use Cash Gifting To Collect Your Annual Salary In Just One Day!

( See how I collected $60,000 in cash – overnight, without a job! )

NEW THOUGHT PATTERN: Your yearly salary should be daily deposits.

The above video shows another $60,000 day that I recently had.

Actually … last time it was $65,000.

So two days of work equaled $125,000 for me and I can’t really call it “work” because of a few reasons:

Reason # 1:

The entire $60,000 came from only eight people.

That’s it! — (8) enrollments!

Seven Green Level enrollments at $6,000 each.

And …

One Black Level enrollment at $18,000.

Add that up and it equals $60,000 CASH!

So basically, I DON’T NEED thousands or even hundreds of people to join, in order to pull in some serious coin.

Know what I mean?

Reason # 2:

These people went through my automated system, either while was I was sleep, on the beach, at the movies, playing with my kids, hanging out with my wife, etc, etc, etc ………


Reason # 3:

These people called me to sign up.

I never once had to chase anybody.

I never once did a sales pitch over the phone.

This was TOO DAMN EASY and was basically like guaranteed money in the bank.

All I had to do was show up to collect it!

This Will Blow Your Mind

Now I want you to think about something ….

If your salary “on paper” is $60,000 a year, and I say “on paper” because YOU DON’T BRING THAT HOME AFTER TAXES.

It’s something much less, but anyway …

If you’re being paid $60,000 a year – why kill yourself working 365 days for that money?

Why kill yourself working an entire year for 600 one hundred dollar bills, when you can achieve the same thing IN ONE DAY?

All you have to do is switch from exchanging time for money and someone handing you a paycheck, to now being smart and using my automated cash gifting system to leverage an income that’s based on thousands of hours a week.

The 600 green pieces of paper that you slave an entire year for, I was able to collect inside of one day — MORE THAN ONCE!


Because while YOU exchange time for a set salary or exchange time for a set hourly wage …

I do something much different.

I let machines and the internet do all the work for me!

I use computers, recorded messages, fax machines, magazine ads, postcards, internet ads, etc., to show my opportunity to thousands and thousands of people, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

So while I’m doing OTHER THINGS, I have machines doing thousands and thousands of presentations for me, every day – all day – all night – non stop!

I leverage myself and my time through machines and other people, so therefore I have an income that’s not based on only 40 + hours a week of individual work.

It’s actually based on a leveraged 10,000 + hours a week and I only have to show up to collect the money!

So think about it …

If it were humanly possible for you to work 10,000 + hours a week – how much more money could you make?


And that’s why I rake it in like I do, because I know it’s not humanly possible for me to work those kinds of hours.

So I stack the deck in my favor and use leverage.

I leverage time.

I leverage money.

I leverage people.

I leverage machines.

And at the end of the business day when you clock out of your J-O-B, your income stops, because you stop working.

My income continues on while I’m sleep, on the beach, at the movies, playing with my kids, hanging out with my wife, etc, etc, etc, because my automated system is still putting hours on the clock for me and my cash register never closes!

And I know you might say:

“Q, but I don’t even make $60,000 a year”

“I make less than that”.

That’s even worse!

Let’s say you make $30,000 a year.

That means I collected two years of your annual salary in only one day — more than once!

And if you make even less than that … well … you get the point.


Have you ever been able to walk into a car dealership and buy the exact car you wanted – PAID IN FULL?

As you can see, by using my cash gifting system, it’s a real easy task and I could use a $60,000 Luxury car as the perfect example for this video.

Pick any $60,000 car.

Maybe you already have a favorite.

You were more than likely thinking about how you can afford the payments on a lease or traditional finance.


Imagine being able to walk into the dealership with total confidence and picking out the car of your dreams, while telling the sales person that you want it fully loaded and that you’re going to DRIVE IT HOME TODAY!

Being able to say …

No car note — I’m paying in full!Who do I make the Cashier’s Check out to?

Sales people at car dealerships love that!

It’s the easiest sale in the world.

They don’t have to worry about if your credit will pass.

No financing terms to haggle over.

And their commission is quick and guaranteed!

I can tell you from first hand experience that the rush you get from being able to do this, is a feeling of power you’ll never – never, ever forget!

Bottom Line

Stop killing yourself for money.

Making money is supposed to be easy and fun!

Look at my video again and think about this …

Most people never really look at their money.

They see it in the form of a paycheck.

Then it gets deposited in the bank.

Then they spend it from a debit card.

They’ve never REALLY SEEN the actual cash that they work so hard for and that’s exactly why I wanted you to see this video.

Whether you make $60,000 a year or less …

The stack of little green paper you see in the video, measures just four and a half inches high AND IS THE ACTUAL SALARY THAT YOU’RE  KILLING YOURSELF FOR, ALL YEAR LONG!

When you actually look at it …

Doesn’t it seem like you should be getting a whole lot more than a stack of paper that’s only four and a half inches thick?

Do yourself a favor …

If you haven’t listened to this yet, DO IT NOW:

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